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Thread: Strange Battery Charging/ Power Issues

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    Strange Battery Charging/ Power Issues
    I have a MacBook Pro that is slightly over one year old. About 4 months ago, I had the unit plugged into AC power and the battery was showing around 40% remaining when it suddenly just died, without any warning, as if the power had just been instantly cut off. It then would not turn back on and I noticed that the light on the magsafe was lit green with a very slight, rapid flicker. It remained in this state for about 15 minutes before it switched back to orange and began charging and then the system was able to power back on.

    It has since done this many many more times and is getting worse. So far it has done it every morning this week when I plug it in at work, and then again when I get home with it in the evenings.

    Despite leaving it plugged in all night (in sleep mode) and then a 20 minute commute to work, the battery has dropped to 40 or 50% by that time.

    I realize this could be a problem with one of several things, but was hoping someone else had experienced this as well and could point me in the right direction.

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    I would call apple or maybe visit one of your local stores. I've never heard of that happening. I have had good experiences calling the apple support.

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    I did call support and they just said to bring it to an apple store. Unfortunately the nearest one is two hours away.

    Last night I left the laptop unplugged and in sleep mode and this morning the battery was down to 70%. Doesn't that seem like a lot of battery loss for just 8 hours of sleep mode?

    Is there some way I can test my AC adapter myself? The thing that worries me is right now I have removed the battery just plugged in AC but the unit won't power on.
    I'm just trying to figure out what's wrong without making a two hour trip just for this.

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