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Thread: Dead USB Ports!

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    Dead USB Ports!
    Hi everyone!

    I know this is an issue facing many powerbook users, and I've googled incessantly to find a 'fix' but with no joy.

    Basically, both usb ports on my powerbook (12" aluminium, 1.5ghz) stopped working about six months ago. Oddly, I can still connnect my ipod to both ports, presumably because the powerbook can 'read' from both usb ports (but it drains the ipod battery while doing so!), but I can't connect any device which needs to draw power from the usb. All other aspects of the powerbook (trackpad, wireless, bluetooth, etc) work fine.

    To try and fix this I've reset the PMU, PRAM and NVRAM, but with no joy at all. Is there anything else that I can do? Might I need to replace the ports? How would I go about doing this?

    If anyone can offer any advice, I'd be extremely grateful!



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    I have the same problem with my MacBook Pro.
    Please somebody help us...

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    timster, ilijaf,

    Try downloading Mainmenu and running the maintenance scripts, could help. I run Mainmenu's batch tasks every day or two to keep maintenance and permissions good. If you have Onyx, it does the sames kinds of maintenance.

    Get Mainmenu here:

    If that doesn't do the job, try shutting down, removing and reinstalling your battery. If that doesn't help, call Apple or take it to an Apple Store.


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