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Thread: New guy needs some help >.<

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    New guy needs some help >.<
    Well, finally bought a mac. Its an old PowerBook G3, 233, 160mb and 18.67 gb. I noticed a problem when coming out of sleep, a highly annoying problem actually, the backlight doesnt come back on, at all, even if I hit the brightness button. The only way to fix this is to reboot the darn thing. It didnt do this under 10.0, it only started doing it after installing 10.2 . Another issue I've got, how does one update from 10.2 to 10.2.8?? stupid safari wont install unless i upgrade . Thanks in advance.

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    Down load the Mac OS X Update Combo 10.2.8, that should bring you to 10.2.8 with not problems. After you install the update. Repair permissions, to make sure all is okay.
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    ahh, thank you very much.. heres hoping this update makes my backlight not suck to! (though... its 97 megs, heres hoping my dialup doesnt crap out)

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