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    Expresscard/34 on MacBook Pro - Problem!
    Expresscard/34 on Macbook Pro
    Hi, I have a brand new 15 inch Macbook Pro 2.4 with 4 gig RAM. I want to run FW 800 devices through the Expresscard but can't get the MBP to see the drives attached to the card.

    I have a Belkin FireWire 800 ExpressCard Model F5U514. The Belkin web site says that it is good for the Mac.

    The system profiler sees the two FW800 slots and they are visible in Preferences within the networking page.

    The only sign that it is in use when plugged-in however is a small icon on the grey top-line on the display next to the Time Machine icon.

    There are three line of info nder this "card" icon
    1. Unknown Vendor (greyed-out)
    2. FireWire Controller (greyed-out)
    3. Power off Card ( in bold black type )

    Any suggestions gratefully recieved.


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    same issue
    Hi John,

    Did you ever find a solution to the issue? I just tried using the same card in my macbook pro and have the exact same problem - any help would be greatly appreciated.



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