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Thread: Powerbook External screen???

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    Smile Powerbook External screen???
    Hey i have a 15" powerbook combo and wanted to buy the 23 inch apple display to use as an external display n also as a tv but then i found out that i cant use a tv tuner card with my pb since i dont have a PCI slot so can anyone suggest me either a tv tuner card compatible with pb or an tv/screen which can be used as a computer as well as a tv!!! Plzz help :confused: :confused:

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    Just because you don't have a tuner card doesn't mean you can't hook up your powerbook to a tv.

    Depending on what kind of tv you've got you can just hook up the powerbook to one AV from the "s-video out" in the powerbook, and the TV signal into the RF or other AV in the tv and just switch between the two depending on whether you want to watch tv or the computer.

    This is as simple as a push of a button on a remote with the newer tv's today.

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    yeah i use the s-vid out to connect to my tv to watch dvd's on a bigger screeen but when i switch to the coputer mode using the F7 button the graphics nor the text is very clear so do you suggest that i get a better tv b'coz my tv is pretty good n the tv quality is amazing but in the computer mode its total isa there any possible reason why....and suggest some other screen which use dvi conn. like the apple screens!!!!Thankxxx in advance..

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    PLEASE don't post two threads, it clogs up our forums. You can just be more specific in this thread while posting, you don't need to start a whole other thread.

    As I sade before, is a thread that's exactly the same thing, but in a different forum. Good luck!

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    the reason that the tv quality is crap on the powerbook is because computer screens can display much higher resolutions than tv screens do. the resolution of tv broadcasts is nowhere near high enough to make it look good on computer monitors. hdtv might be good enough, but definitely not regular cable or satellite.

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    To see what he means, take a close look at your comp monitor vs your TV. Your comp monitor has many more pixels and they are much closer together as well as much smaller. Your TV has MUCH larger pixels. This is because you normally watch your TV from the couch at least a few feet away, whereas you operate your computer right next to the screen, so the contrast has to be MUCH higher.

    I don't advise using your 23" Apple display for TV. It will suck.

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    Thannxx guys i really needed the help so ive decided to get a new hdtv as well as the 23" apple display........hehehehehe :p

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