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Thread: Upgrading RaM outside of Apple

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    Upgrading RaM outside of Apple
    hello, im new to the MaC so im still learning. I got the regular macbook with 1gb of RAM but i wanted to upgrade to 2gb of RAM. I've seen other sites selling RAM that i can install myself, but how good of RAM is it?
    Does apple use better RAM or such?

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    Does apple use better RAM or such?
    No. They just charge more..
    I go thru OWC. Never had a problem with them and they have a lifetime warranty. You'll get a better deal going elsewhere. And it's very easy to install.
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    I also recommend (not that I have anything against OWC). Great service and fast shipping, very competitive prices for top shelf memory.

    Also note that as a user-upgradeable part, it will not void your warranty to install your own memory.
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    just to add another option you can try great prices with reviews on all the products. apple is way over priced on their RAM for no reason and you're not going to have many problems with RAM that doesn't come from apple.

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    You might check the guide linked in my signature... it should answer all of your questions.
    Notebook RAM Buyer's Guide- How much, what type, what brand, where to buy, etc.
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    thanx guys for your suggestions! im going to go ahead and look into those sites and upgrade ram!

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