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Thread: iBook G3 800 Video Card Question

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    iBook G3 800 Video Card Question
    I've had my new (to me) iBook G3 800 for a little over a month now, and so far it's been relatively smooth sailing. However, since switching over to it, I've noticed I have the same problem with choppy video playback as I did on my old Dual USB iBook G3 600 (late 2001). The video card on the old iBook was only 8Mb Ram, and the ATI card in the new iBook is a 32Mb card...why would it play back choppy still? Is it not the video card, but rather the Processor? Is there a firmware or driver update for the video that I should apply? I've checked, but a cursory look didn't reveal anything yet. Any suggestions?

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    To be honest its probably the radeon 7500 chip thats in your ibook its total garbage, for a pc there are a ton of drivers out there for them detonators this one that one it was just a bad video chipset but at least yours is not shared memory its 32mb actual so it shouldnt be super choppy, but check google and stuff. Sorry i couldnt be more help.

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    When you say choppy video, are you talking about playing files off the hard drive or the cd?

    With my g3/900 ibook, playing video files off a cd can sometimes be choppy depending on how much is running on the machine.

    You could also try VLC. It seems to handle the files better than QT.

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