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    Just got the 12" iBook - Im such an idiot
    Had the extra ram in my hand at CompUSA. Started asking myself..."do i REALLY need it"? heh...YES! This thing is pretty sluggish with the 256 that comes with it. DEFINITELY going to get the extra ram soon...How hard is it to install? I installed my Airport card tonight when I got it home...pretty easy. Is the RAM harder to install?

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    Congrats!!!!! Do you like it? I don't know about the RAM though.

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    The ram is very easy to install, and there are instructions in your iBook booklet (I'm not sure if you install it differently on an iBook from a powerbook..but I think you do...) I think you take the keyboard off, and put it there...should be simple simple....also...any computer these days shouldn't have less than 512mb of's just rediculous how little that is now days...512 should be averaage...and anything higher should be sufficient or

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    It's exceedingly easy to install. All you need is your fingernails and a small, phillips jeweler's screwdriver. The instructions are on the underside of the keyboard, infact. But here's my brief version..

    Power off the iBook, remove the battery.

    Lift the keyboard up and set it down on the handrest (Instructions should be visible now)

    Remove the Airport card

    Unscrew the 2 screws holding the coverplate in place. Use the lock down handle to lift the plate up. The Memory socket should be visible now.

    Align the memory correctly with the notch and tab, and then insert it as far as it will go (not too far) and then press it down so the two tabs on either side of the memory will snap into place.

    Replace the cover plate and tighten the screws.

    Replace the Airport card, attach antenna, lock it in place.

    Replace the keyboard.

    Replace the battery

    Power on. Voila! You're done! Should take you no more than 10 minutes. You can check to see if the new Memory is recognized properly by clicking the Apple on the upper left and going down to and clicking on About This Mac..


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