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    missing hard drive space
    Hi there, i have a 17" macbook pro running Mac OX X Tiger and recently I noticed that my harddrive was almost full. I started to delete alot of things from the computer and I tried calculating and adding up how much space my stuff takes up and I seem to have something like 20GB missing.

    Im not too sure how much space Mac OS X Tiger takes up but i doubt it would take up 20GB. I also do the software update frequently.

    And also, how do i delete temporary files like on windows? I notice that when I run Shake, hard drive space slowly disappears. Thing is when i close Shake the space doesnt come back. On my windows computer, my norton antivirus accumulates all the excess files and I can delete it through that, not sure how to clean it out on the mac though.

    hope that makes sense, thanks.

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    Pick up a maintenance utility like Onyx or Main Menu. Use those to run a variety of tasks, especially the cache and log cleaners. That should help restore some space.

    If you want to see where all your disk space is going to, try one of these apps and see if they can shed some light:
    Where Is My Disk Space?

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