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    Water on my MacBook...QUESTIONS! Help!
    I spilt water on it i waited 3 days and it turned on for a little then shut off today. I'm pretty sure there is a way to get my hard drive out and connect it to another computer or something to get my files and whatnot out...anyone have any knowledge on this?

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    I came across this, not sure if it works, but its worth a try. "First take off the laptop battery, then there are 3 screws to unscrew. You then pull the white tab that is connected to the hard drive, and pull the hard drive slowly out." Heres the site I got it from:

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    I recently upgraded my MacBook HD - getting it out is quite easy. Instructions are here:
    My blog about my move from Windows to Mac:

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    Are you saying that your laptop no longer turns on at all, or that you turned it on for a little bit then turned it off? Electronics are surprisingly resilient where water is concerned, depending on the amount of water and the components that got wet. I've even had a cell phone go through a complete wash cycle, get shuffled to the dryer, and then come out working.

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    Taking the hard drive out is pretty simple. Take the battery out, there are 3 screws on the metal plate, take the 3 screws out. Look to your left, you should see a little white tab, You'll need something to flip the tab out, it's just plastic, so don't worry, once the tab is out pull on it and the hard drive will come out.

    There is even a diagram on the MacBook itself.

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