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    External boot drive working on multiple Macbook Pros?
    Hi folks,

    I could not find this issue addressed. My wife and I have new MBP's, her's is 15" and mine is the 17" screen. in addition to using Time Machine, I wanted to set up a portable, external drive to boot from.

    I used my PC to partition the external drive, and loaded Leopard 10.5.2 onto it. anytime I have the fireware 800 drive connected to my PC, it will boot from it every time. I attach it to my wife's MPB, and it will not boot from it, although the drive will appear on the desktop once the PC boots up from the internal drive.

    can someone tell me what I have to do to get either of our MBP's to boot from the same external drive when it is attached?


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    your trying to boot OSX plugged into a PC?

    if thats what your saying, dont expect ANY help here. thats bad news.
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