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    Playing Spore on a MacBook Question
    I searched a few topics and the general theme is no one knows the specs of Spore on a Mac but assuming your computer can run SIMS 2 you are in the clear.

    Well I am trashing my Dell and buying a Macbook. Just a basic macbook, with either a 2.0 or 2.2 GHZ and I will upgrade to at least 2gb of ram if not maybe 4gb.

    Now I have only waded through the waters on what it takes to run a game smoothly, but before I throw down some cash for a computer, which will happen regardless, I do not want to have to miss this game due to lack of performance. But I am still buying a MAC.

    SO questions as I am sure everyone knows what I am eluding to is, will a Macbook with either a 2.0 or 2.2 with 2-4gb ram run spore?

    I mean I am sure I can answer this question myself, and say yes based on what everyone has already assumed, but I guess the real question then is, did the Sims 2 run well on just a regualr Macbook?

    Does anyone forsee the videocard, ram and processor being a problem?


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    From what I've seen of Spore, you'll probably want to get yourself a Macbook Pro to play it as the Macbook's integrated graphics are rather limited.

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    I agree. Although you MIGHT be able to play with the macbook, it probably won't play smoothly at all. The macbook pro would probably not even hiccup at the game. The tentative release date for Spore right now is not until might almost be worth waiting until then to get a macbook if you really have your heart set on that. I'm not here to start rumors or anything, but I think it's safe to say that you'll see at least one revision of the macbook between now and then...although a graphics update is unlikely.

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