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    PB Fell off of bed! :(
    Oh god.
    My PB just feel off of my top bunk bed.
    The right side of it (15in) got all bent up where the ports are. It also got bent up a little bit where the cd drive is. Basically is just looks like the aluminum casing is all that is damaged.

    What do I do? I have no applecare but I haven't had it for more than a year. Anything warrantable?


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    Ring Apple? They may have a solution. If it's under your home insurrance then you could get that sorted.

    Poor you

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    Ya, covered by home insurance.

    $100 Deductable. Not too bad.
    The painfull part is at least 3-5 days without her

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    Well that's the important thing that it's covered.

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    If its been 90 days since you got it, you still have phone support or something else like that, i think. Good luck with your PowerBook

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