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    comp slowing at points??
    Hey all,
    i have a 15" pb, and i recently installed 1gb of ram...i bought two 512 sticks from i installed them fine and the computer is great. but just recently when i have been opening system preferences, and i am playing a song with itunes, itunes stops playing for a split second and then comes bac again, its almost as if the computer is freezing up...but this didnt happen when i only had 512 in it.
    does anyone have any ideas in whats wrong?



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    iTunes sometimes does that with me when I'm opening a program, and I have 512MB RAM from Apple. My advice is don't worry about it. Go to options -> advanced and change the streaming buffer size, that might help. But it's normal, to my knowledge. So don't worry about it.

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    I really don't think that that is normal...Mine doesn't do that, but I have 1 GB

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    i have 1gb too

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    I have 256 and it doesn't do that on my iMac. Would it be bad RAM that coninceidently has only gliched in iTunes?

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    I would not say that's normal. It's never happened to me..that I can recall...and I have 768mb ram. I have experienced similar things on my windows version of iTunes....for example...It won't play a cd will skip a if the cd isn't spinning fast enough...somehting is slowing it down...and also, when switching tracks there is a delay...I've never figured it out..and updates for my windows version don't seem to help...I don't use iTunes on my pc to play cds anymore...and for that matter, I don't really ever use my pc to play music at's usually my iPod, or my yeah..I don't think that is a normal problem for a powerbook with a gig of ram.

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    It mainly happens opening system preferences, it just stops in the middle of the song....its very strange andi have no idea why it is doing it

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