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    Unhappy Issues With Cold Weather/Temperature & Fan?
    Hey everyone,

    I'm not too sure if I am just imagining this or not, but I wanted to see if anyone had any advice or commentary on the situation. Before I purchased my MacBook Pro I had an HP laptop. I commute to school and like to use my laptop as a virtual notebook for my classes. One time a few semesters ago I had a meeting on campus that lasted a few hours and left my HP laptop in my bag in my car. It was winter at the time and the temperature was probably in the 30s (Fahrenheit). Upon arriving home I didn't think much of it and turned my HP laptop on to be greeted by a buzzing and fluctuating fan. I am not 100% sure if the cold was the culprit, but by following the chain of events it seemed logical. I had figured that maybe the cold messed with the fans lubrication or warped the bearing. The fan problem was never fixed and after opening it up and putting bearing lubrication in the fan, the noise was pacified slightly.

    Now, here is my concern. I recently had to attend a professional dinner shortly after a class the other day and was forced to leave my laptop in my car in similar weather. This time I let my notebook sit for about an hour or so to let it warm up. However, when I woke my MacBook Pro up from sleep, I immediately noticed that something was running louder than it normally does. Whether it be the fan or the hard drive (I feel like it's the fan), there seems to be a little more noise emanating from my MacBook Pro. Call me paranoid if you will, but going from an HP to a MacBook Pro, I've realized how quiet they run sometimes and this noise is noticeable. Anyone have an idea as to what could have happened and if I damaged my MacBook Pro? I'd really appreciate any feedback. Being a poor college student, I cringe thinking about damaging something that cost so much money.



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    Always let computers warm up to room temperature before use, If it means leaving it for a few hours then thats what you have to do. No exceptions otherwise you risk damaging them, I could list a billion things that could go wrong.

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    One concern when moving an object from an extremely cold environment to a warm environment is condensation. Those of you who wear glasses knows what I'm talking about. This isn't something that you want to happen on your hard drive. I wouldn't have turned it on until the laptop was near room temperature.

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    I would think it is your imagination. I recently did the same thing. I left my MBP in the car overnight. The low was about 27. I made sure I turned it off just in case it woke itself up in the extreme cold. I must point out the battery operating temperature is about 50 degrees to 95 degrees. And storage is about 32 degrees to 95 degrees(I believe). When I retrieved my computer from my car the next morning, I let it warm a little, turned it on, no problems.

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