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    Remap MacBook F function keys
    I have one of the first MacBooks released, with the intel core duo (not core 2 duo). After using my brother's new imac, i've noticed a few changes to the F keys, which include a play/pause, next, and previous button, right on the keyboard. I've looked into making it possible, to make any of the F8 to F12 keys able to do the very same thing, without any success.....

    Is there any way i can do that? Somehow remap those keys to the same exact thing as newer macbooks have, or like my brother's imac.

    Thanks for reading!

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    SizzlingKeys4iTunes does iTunes hotkeys very well (and it's free)

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    Quote Originally Posted by visualpurple View Post
    SizzlingKeys4iTunes does iTunes hotkeys very well (and it's free)
    and has a catchy name

    "The forums are not only a place to have questions answered, they are a place to be part of a community..."

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    Works great guys, thank you.
    The only thing now, is that i can't map the F7 the same way the other F keys are mapped. It seems like the only way to get that **** button to do anything is by Fn+F7, which is a bigger pain to press.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you!

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