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Thread: apple store or online

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    apple store or online
    is it better to buy at the store or online?

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    1. If you're a student, buy from the Apple Store for Education for the student discounts.

    2. If you want a custom configuration (bigger hard disk, add Bluetooth, a Super Drive or AirPort to a model that doesn't come with them) then you'll have to order from the online Apple Store. But buy memory somewhere else; Apple's prices are awful. (The online store does charge sales tax.)

    3. Otherwise, buy from the store or website that will offer you the best deal. sells Macs, usually with free shipping, and no sales tax most of the time. [EDIT: Amazon has a $150 rebate on Apple notebooks today. ] If you don't want to wait for shipping, buy from your local Apple Store. CompUSA sells Macs, too. And sometimes you can get better service from a local Apple Authorized dealer; check the Yellow Pages.

    Check the return policy. Especially if you have to ship it back.
    Regardless of where you buy, you can get warranty repairs from any Apple Store.

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    Doesn't really matter. If you can't wait, goto the Apple store. I usually don't like getting expensive merchandise thru the mail.

    I got mine thru an Apple store. They even gave me the student discount at the time of purchase as well (just bring your school ID).

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    Oh yeah, some people are leary to goto the store because the sales person might try to sell them the Applecare or accessories. The store I went to did not put any pressure on me to buy the Applecare, even though they did mention it.

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