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    is this a good deal?
    Hi all I got a 12" powerbook with 768Mb ram bluetooth, airport extreme, original box software cables and 40 gig hdd all with warranty until February 2005 for 1500$ Cad (1175 $USD) good deal? it seems like it to me, let me know oh knowledgeable group of macies!


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    Seems pretty close to a good used was it?...if it's barely used, I'd say it's a pretty decent deal.

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    Yeah its barely used looks like a resale from a guy who never used it, checked serial number with Apple everything checks out no service history etc. YAY im glad because i know there is the current revision the 1.33ghz new with student discount would cost 1898 CAD plus 14% tax so this was better for me graphics chips are the same the other is a bit faster, are the buses and l2 cache the same? The ddr must be pc 2100 in the 1ghz right? And 2700 in the newer 12" powerbooks?

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    Yeah, it's PC2700 in the new PowerBooks, as well as double the video ram and a slightly faster processor. It seems like a good deal, though! Good luck with your PB, I'm sure you'll have many years more of happiness with it!

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    That is a nice deal.
    I bought my used tibook for a bit less, but that is a great deal, since it's a recent processor, a good amount of ram and it's still in the warranty.
    Have fun with your new mac

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    Is this your first Mac?


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    Thumbs up Actually....
    Its not its just my closes to new Mac, i have been without a mac for about 8 months now saving up for an upgrade from and old tibook and an older g3 ibook. I am just excited because everything Mac is spectacular, did you know i actually got tonnes of workms and trojans looking up stuff about ipod games? This pc is now worm food man i cant wait till my mac gets here lol.


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