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    Exclamation ibook heat problems! help!!
    Hi! My ibook regularly gets very hot! About 70 degrees celcius! (hot enough to burn, especially underneath the keyboard, and abouve the F keys!). The fan only kicks in around 70 degrees, which in my opinion is far too late! Is there a way to manually turn on the cooling fan? or lower the temperature for it to automatically kick in??

    I would appreciate any help!

    Cheers, James..

    Using an iBook G4, 1.2ghz.

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    Um...I know no way to turn the fan on manually, but there probably is a way through terminal. Though if it makes you feel any better...ibooks and powerbooks both get pretty stinking hot...I know my powerbook can get really toasty sometimes...I don't know what temperature..but hot hot....and it's normal....but I'm sure someone else can help you out.

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    I have the same problem myself, but I honestly don't even want to have to resort to the fan. There's plenty of "incline cooling" options which I'm planning to try. Various companies make a couple good pads to cool the laptop from what I hear, but I'm first going to try these things called Dr. Bodelin's Laptop Bumpers, which can be purchased at, among other places. It gives incline and therefore air flow to the iBook for cheap, so hopefully that'll serve to cool it.
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    what are yall doing to make it get so hot. mine will run at 130 deg f sometimes when i am playing that **** nanosaur game or watching a movie and doing other things. it usually stays around 100 deg f. i think there is a utility that you can adjust your fan with but i am not sure what it is.

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    yes mine can get very hot just like the others

    but if its as hot as you say - like burning hot

    I don't think thats right and I would take it in and get it checked out


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    ibook battery
    maybe you should check to see if your battery is on the recall list.i just found out mines is on the recall list and my used to get pretty hot.Ibook Rechargeable battery recall, CHECK IT OUT!!!!

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    Check your activity monitor
    I had the same issue with my iBook. When i opened my activity monitor it was showing Virex was using 76% of my system resources. My ibook at one point got to 159 degrees F. now that i have removed the problem mine never gets over 120 degrees or so when doing video editing and stuff like that. I would check there see what is using the CPU so much that its heating up so hot.

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