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Thread: software to join movie clips

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    software to join movie clips
    What software can I use to join windows media video files (.wmv)? I know there were many programs to download that would do this on the windows. What about on the mac? I doubt that I could do this using imovie. Thanks.

    Oh and also as I will be sending in my computer to have it repaired. I just recently paid 30 dollars for quicktime pro. How can I transfer it assuming that they erase my hard drive?

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    I doubt you can join Windows Media Video files using a Mac. Convert them to QuickTime and then you can easily do it. But WMV files don't really work on a Mac, sorry.

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    QuickTime Pro:
    Go to the Apple Store, login, then view your past purchases. In there will be "Software Purchases" and you can then get your QuickTime Pro serial number and the name you used.
    If you've forgotton your username, or you prefer this method, just open QuickTime: QuickTime Player (menu) > Preferences > Registration... and then just copy your QuickTime registration details.

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    Aug 10, 2004
    how can i convert wmv files to .mpg or .mov files? Will the quality change. They actually do work on the mac, just not as good as the .mov or .mpg files or as good as they did on windows pc. I take it the same goes for .avi files.

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    you could just get vlc, and that will let you watch .wmv files.

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    Have you tried Windows Media for Mac?/ I've been using it for WMV files finely.

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