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Thread: New Powerbook - Airport Extreme worked, now does not :(

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    New Powerbook - Airport Extreme worked, now does not :(
    I just bought a new Powerbook G4 1.5ghz 2 weeks ago. The Airport internal card, which was already installed when I got it, has been working fine until yesterday afternoon. It just stopped working. I looked through the logs but nothing jumped out as to why. It is not picking up any access points whether at home or out at the local Starbucks, work, etc.

    The card itself is still recognized but is just not finding any access points.

    Any ideas?


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    First, check that your card is actually on. I know it sounds stupid, but it's often the problem.

    Secondly, check if your PB detects networks if the router is, say, 2 feet away. Check this at your home. If it detects the network at 2 feet away and then rapidly decreases until at like 5 feet the network disappears, it's a problem with how the AirPort card is connected to the PowerBook. Take your PB in to your local Mac dealer. This happened to my mom's iBook, one of the 'tabs' on the AirPort extreme card wasn't touching the connector plate. I know it came preinstalled, but it might still have fuggered up.

    Hope this helps!

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