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    Techenical and warranty issues with iBook 14", pls help!
    Hi there. I've been using my iBook 14" 1ghz for three moths. Loved it until it started behave badly: keys falling off, the optical drive making strange noises, see no ethernet-port Internet connection, stops installing absolutely Mac-compatible printers halfway through, and what's pissing me off the most is that I cannot change my master password because the system does not seem to recognise the existing password at all. That said, I should also mention that I've been treating my iBook very-very-very carefully as I am Mac-obsessed. I've got manufacturer's limited warranty. I've had it shipped today to the Apple New Zealand for testing. My questions are if anyone experienced same issues in a relatively short use of the iBook, and if my iBook is going to be absolutely technically fabulous after being treated by the technicians or I should request to exchange it for a brandnew one. Thanks.

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    err, My iBook has been great even though it gets prett roughed up in my bag. I accidentally sucked of my return key with the vacumn, but after a bit of fiddling its went back on fine and hasn't bothered me since.

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    No problems with mine at all. I've been using it for about three months myself and taken it arround the world once on several trips.

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    I'd call apple shouldn't be falling apart, that's for sure...then again, I treat my powerbook as if it were a newborn baby..for the most part.

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    Thanks, guys. What about the other (non-keyboard issues)?

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