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I see, well it's nice to see professionals actually being sensible and not just buying for style & prestige - kudos to you!

"Nope, the G4 is still really good. I have a new PowerBook G4 1.33GHz and it's faster than my Pentium 4 PC. G4s are much better than Pentium 4's, whereas G5s are much, much, much better than Pentium 4's, just to give you an idea of them compared to Intel's latest processors. "

That's over-simplifing things if you ask me...

The G4 isn't much faster than the P4, nor is the G5 much much faster.

But I'm not going to be drawn into that discussion...
OK then Aptmunich, how about a new question - you've got a G4 iBook 1Ghz... how is that running?