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    Feb 06, 2008
    Usb ports not working
    When I try to plug in my ipod or external hd they appear in the system profiler under the usb tab but do not work or show up elsewhere. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

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    ahhh I had the very same problem as you a while back Finder wouldn't "find" any of my external hardware (iPods and such). I just restarted it and everything seemed to work fine after that

    If this fails, in disk utility (careful here, you could do a LOT of damage in disk utility) you can manually mount the drives yourself.

    A bit more info would also be helpful, like what are the specs for the MB? and do the devices power on when connected to the USB ports?

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    Reboot your mac then repair disk permissions from within disk utility then reboot again.

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    For the External HD problem, try a program called disk warrior.
    It does cost $$ but is worth it.
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    If they are not showing up on the Desktop:
    Open Finder, then on the menu bar at the top, click on Finder and open Preferences.
    Then on the '"General" tab, place a check mark next to 'External Disks" and also next to "CDs, DVDs and iPods"

    If they are not showing up in the Sidebar in Finder:
    Same place, go to the "Sidebar" tab, place a check mark next to.....

    Not sure if you need to reboot or not, let us know....
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    Jan 26, 2011
    I'm having a similar problem. My iPod (Used as external HD) and iPhone don't come up on desktop, iTunes or anything. They don't even start charging like they're getting anything from the computer. Even my printer does not show up or register that it's plugged in. When I restart my macbook they start working again, but then a couple days later it starts doing this again. How can I solve this issue? My macbook is from 2007 and I'm running Snow Leopard.

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    Feb 07, 2011
    Fried USBs?
    My problem is not quite like yours. It's probably more serious, and perhaps much more funny, if I could only laugh about it.

    Was using an external CD/DVD drive, and now neither USB will work.
    I fried my CD/DVD drive (my wonderful husband, without asking, plugged it into A/C power--it's supposed to run off of computer power!), and now I get the "USB drawing too much power" message, and neither USB will work.

    I've tried resetting PRAM and system profiler doesn't show anything is connected. I am running 10.6.

    OR, does anyone know of a good Firewire-USB cable? I know they're rare...but I'm desperate! I need USBs for my piano studio, not just my mouse.

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    See my answer to you in the other thread where you posted the same thing.


    Only post to one thread. Posting the same question to multiple threads causes confusion and clutters the forum.

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