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Thread: usb flash drive

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    usb flash drive

    I just got a new sandisk cruzer micro 256mb usb flash drive.
    When plugged into my 15" PowerbookG4 it loads and transfers
    data perfectly.

    The problem is when I "eject" it (either option+click or dragging it to the dock). The drive disappears from my desktop, but the light on the back of the drive which signals when it is safe for removal (at least on my work's windowsxp machine) never turns off.

    So far I've been shutting down my mac and then removing it, but its pretty annoying.

    I've searched here & on (forum for everything!) and nada.

    any help is appreciated.


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    I expect its cos its still powered despite the fact its "ejected" in OsX

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    I think it's safe to remove your USB flash, from the moment you eject it.
    Maybe the light is on just because it's still connected to you USB port.
    It's doesn't happen with me, so I can't be sure.

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    I'd say, wait five seconds.

    My USB flash disk's activity light works properly (ie, the same way it does on a PC.) It's usually ready to be unplugged about two seconds after I trash it.

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    I have a problem with the 512MB version of the same drive.

    Running OS9 sometimes it apears on the desktop, sometimes it doesn't. it's always there if I look in the system profile. Duh?

    Any ideas?



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    I don't know about on OS X, but on XP, the eject is just a precaution. I work on a Novell network at work, and I always lock my workstation but forget to eject my USB drive, so I just pull it out, and I've never had a problem. Yeah, wear and tear and all that, but I haven't seen many USB drives with problems caused by that (I'm a PC tech).

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    I have used the 512mb model of the same flashdrive on my 12' PowerBook and I've found that the light stays on as long as the drive is in the USB port. If you trash it, wait a few moments and then unplug it, you'll be fine. Trust me, OSX will yell at you if you pull it out without ejecting it.

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