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Thread: Heat Issues?

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    Heat Issues?
    Hi all,

    I am going to be purchasing my first mac (macbook pro I think) in a few days and I wanted to know how do the apple laptops do with heating? I had a HP laptop once and the heat was unbearable after a half hour of basic usage...

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    Well, it gets warm as any notebook will. You won't want to leave it sitting on your bare legs for an extended period. It does fine for me since I wear jeans all the time. If you get into playing a game, or something else that kicks the video card into high gear, you will want some type of lap stand. I use the iLap. You can get it cheaper from newegg or amazon.
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    Macbook's and Macbook Pro's are not known for staying cool to the touch.

    I'm not sure how warm your HP got, but I was assume a Macbook would get just as warm, if not warmer.

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    There are few 'laptops' for sale now.

    Apple only sell 'notebooks' which are not supposed to go on your lap.

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