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    Please Help! MacBook Hard Drive Issue
    I resently just installed a used Logic board upon start-up I recieved the blinking folder with a question mark. I then rebooted with my restore disks and ran the Hardware tests (both regular and extended) and everything was fine. The MacBook will not recognize the internal hard drive, but will boot from disks or an external drive (the same one that will not work internally). I have reset the PRAM (com,option,p,r reset) and reset SMC. I have tried everything that I can think of including checking the connections. Have tried two different drives internally (both of which are confirmed to be working, one of which is the original drive). I was very careful with the hard drive cable and can't imagine it is bad. Is there anyway that the logic board I recieved is bad and the hardware test cannot find the issue? Any help is appreciated I have searched all over and tried avery piece of advice I could find.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Is the logic board the same as the original logic board or is it different in some way?

    If it is different, then my guess would be that the operating system is missing something for that board.
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