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Thread: HELP!! White line across the screen!

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    Aug 10, 2004
    HELP!! White line across the screen!
    Everything was fine, I just let my pb go into screensaver than it went to the display off. A little later I came back and moved the mouse and the password box came up. Only this time at the bottom of the screen about 1 and a half inches up (a tad over where the fully extended dock ends) there was a white line that runs across the entire screen. Oh and strange thing I took a screen grab and the white line doesn't appear on that grab image. But like the line blocks text and anything in the way of it on the screen!! I am really angry now! please let me know what this could be and I am going to call tech support now hopefully get this straightened out. But how could something like this happen all of the sudden. The computer is barely a month old. :mad:

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    Restarted it since?

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    Aug 10, 2004
    yeah didnt help. I called tech support and tried lots of stuff to no avail. He said try rebooting from the disk to see if its a hardware/software problem. Then if not then need to send it in. This is a pain!!

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    What caused the white line?
    I am having this same issue with an older iMac. I was wondering what the techs said was the problem?

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