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Thread: RAM overload

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    RAM overload
    I know my limit is 3GB but what would happen if I put 4GB in? would it work, not read, or blow up!

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    You system will not see it, from my understanding.
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    "...3GB is a funny number for a machine with 2 RAM slots. Why not max that puppy out with two 2GB sticks - for a total of 4GB?

    MacFixIt has learned that it's not a physical space limitation and that both of the new MBP's RAM slots are large enough to accommodate the bigger 2GB modules.

    Although the Intel 945PM chipset can physically handle 4GB of DDR2 RAM, there is the potential for "memory overlap" when more than 3GB of RAM is installed.

    A number of items that must be stored in physical RAM space, and when RAM reaches 4 GB, there is some overlap. In other words, in a 3 GB RAM configuration, there is no overlap with the memory ranges required for certain system functions. Between 3 GB and 4 GB, however, system memory attempts to occupy space that is already assigned to these functions."

    Hope that helps. I have read elsewhere that you machine will actually run slower with 4GB due to the overlap issue. IIRC they said that in a sense the systems starts trying to process things twice....

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