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Thread: Magnetic latch

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    Jan 26, 2008
    Magnetic latch

    ive heard stories about people's MBP latch getting stuck in their clothing and destroying their computer. has this happened to anyone or is it just the MBP haters? also, for those with the laptop does the latch bother them?

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    never had a problem. the latches recess back into the top of the monitor when the magnet is not pulling them into the latch. The top of the monitor has to be very close to the latch in order for them to be pulled out.
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    I never realised they did pull out.

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    This is the first I've heard of such a thing. So, had to investigate as I've never actually seen the latches in over a year, nor have I looked at the detail of the latching mechanism. All you see in the notebook are the two holes the latches come out of and the two holes they go into.

    You know the saying - close enough for government work.... well,
    Take a look at the end of your pinky finger. Notice the width and height. The latches don't even begin to come out of the lid untill it is within 1/2 the "height" of your pinky of the bottom. You go to open it back up without actually shutting it, and they are immediately retracted back into the lid.

    Anyone that's had an accident with this setup, it's either a freak accident, or a slob with some article of clothing sitting in the way of it closing to begin with. And could happen with any notebook that actually latches shut, jmho. I could see it catch on....maybe a loose fitting knit sweater, if you're lying down when you go to close it with the sweater sitting over the holes. Can picture it causing a snag in the sweater, but damage to the notebook? Not unless you also were standing up real fast and it caught on the snag in the sweater, and pulled it open semi-volently. In which case, it probably didn't do any more damage than it would have if it hadn't been snagged and fallen to the floor instead.

    If this has happened, as far as I'm concerned, it's just another case of people looking to lay the blame somewhere else rather than taking personal responsibility for their own actions. Yeah yeah, I know, I go on.... this kind of ridiculous stuff gets to me about anyone's products. I know, let's put an auto-sensing device in the lid, so it will be able to tell if anything is in the way before the latches are allowed to come out.
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    i have not had an issue with the latch and i have had mine 17months.

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    This might stem from Steve Job's keynote statement about the MBA having a "magnetic latch" which will eliminate the problem of latches getting caught in people's clothes... If Steve says it it must be true.

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    Havent had a problem with my MBP latches ever... ever...

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    The iBook latches had the same latch "hiding" mechanism that I always thought was a great idea.

    Granted I prefer the magnetic latch on the Macbook, but the MBP's solution is pretty good as well.

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