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Thread: Quick Question About Memory

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    Quick Question About Memory
    I have a macbook with an intel core duo processor. I only have 512mb of ram on my laptop, and wanted to upgrade that. Today I bought one 2gb stick of ram from a store and tried installing it, but it did not work. Do both of the memory sticks have to be the same size (2 1gb sticks, 2 256 mb sticks, etc.), or am I just installing it wrong? I bought a kingston memory stick, so it should be able to work with it.
    Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but I am new to computers.

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    You can technically mix and match RAM without much of a problem, so if the 2GB stick didn't work after you stuck it in, then there must be some other problem. Here are some of the issues I think it might be:

    1) You bought the wrong type of memory.

    2) You didn't install it properly.

    3) You have a faulty stick.

    Tell us the exact type of memory you got and we'll tell you if you got the right type. As for installation, did you make sure you pushed it all the way in? All of the guides I've read and from my own personal experience, you have to apply a bit of force to get the stick all the way in. And the only way to really test the last scenario is to rule out the first two.

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    I think Kash already mentioned most of the possibilities about why your ram didn't work. Can I ask how old is your MB? as far as I know, older version of MB before late 2007 would only support upto 2G ram in (2x1G), worth to check it out. I also think you'll get far better performance with 2 identical memory sticks, specially when the ram is running at duel channel. 2G stick is not cheap, better get the most of it..

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    Never mind, I got it working. The problem was that my memory slots could only support 1 gb sticks and I was trying to install a 2gb one. I exchanged the 2gb for two 1gb and it is working now.

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