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    Unhappy Help! Can't start G4 iBook! Static the problem?
    I own a G4 iBook that is about three and a half years old. I went to use it this morning, and I must have built up a static electricity charge when I walked to the computer, because there was a little static spark when I touched the iBook. Then, the screen went black shortly afterwards. I have not since been able to restart the computer!

    I was not aware that static was a problem when the computer itself was not open, revealing the internal parts. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Did a static spark somehow do this? It seems like the computer would be capable of defending itself from static when it is not opened up. Perhaps I'm wrong, and the computers are extremely vulnerable to any kind of static (seems like I'd hear more about this sort of thing happening to computers though).

    Any suggestions would be thoroughly appreciated.

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    Jan 24, 2008
    Further information: My computer had been on for a few days straight. Could that have triggered it as well? I'm at work now, and I'll try to start it up when I get home. This is so worrisome though, since the last time I backed everything up on my external hard drive was about a year ago.

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