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    Unhappy Monitor Sleep Issue (not another clamshell mode question)
    hi, i just signed up here, and i must say it's been a source of many solutions in the past.....nice work guys...

    ok, basically, i use my macbook(2Ghz 2GB Nov'06) with a 17" LG flatron in extended desktop mode. I want to use the 'put screen to sleep' option in power saving, but whenever the macbook screen turns off, the LG monitor simply flashes 'NO SIGNAL' perpetually and wont go to standby mode.

    Is there a setting i can change somewhere to send some kind of signal to the monitor to say like
    'yes, you're still plugged in, dont worry, just go to sleep!'
    ...or something...

    any ideas guys?

    Cheers in advance,

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    Nope. Because when you put the computer to sleep, it cuts off the signal to your monitors (including the laptop monitor). You can always just set the screen saver instead of sleep. Or just turn off the 17'' external.
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