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Thread: Ram for my new Powerbook

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    Ram for my new Powerbook
    Hey all,

    I just ordered my Powerbook 17" with 512MB of ram. I intented to add another 512MB later on so i will have 1Go. I didnt get the 1GB stick cos the price was too high (i got 128MB gpu, extra HD, air port etc...) Now im thinking of adding 1024MB of ram when i will receive my PB. On the official mac store website a stick of 1GB is 700$. Is this a normal price, or i can get cheaper ram? If yes, where?
    I will be working with "Motion" that recommends about 2GB, but i think ill manage with 1.5GB or even 1GB?


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    It's probably better to get the 1GB stick of RAM. When you eventually upgrade to the PB's max of 2GB (Which I assume you will eventually because you're into Motion and stuff), the only RAM configuration supported is 2x1GB sticks. So if you get a 1GB stick now, ugrading will be easy, you just get another 1GB stick. But if you get 2x512MB sticks, you'll have to trash them both and get two new 1GB sticks. Plus you get more performance out of 1x1GB stick than you get out of 2x512MB sticks.

    Also, be sure to get your RAM from a reputable dealer. Apple is always a good idea to get RAM from because it's the company that makes the computers, and also if you have AppleCare any Apple RAM you buy is covered with it. If you buy your RAM from a really bad RAM dealer, your machine may overheat and explode and do evil **** like that

    I don't know anything at all about Motion, so I can't help you with that, sorry.

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    Is crucial good ram? Cos i found 1GB stick for only 479$:
    "1GB CT368650 DDR PC2700 CL=2.5 NON-ECC"
    Is this ok for my 1.5Ghz PB?

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    Is it in AUS$ or HK$? Don't spend more than $200 on 1GB memory. If you look around you can get one for below $150.

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    So i can get a good 1GB stick for my Powerbook for around 200$????? Is ram for this price any good? Can anyone paste a link cos ive been looking around and only found stuff on crucial ram and some other websites which dont go lower then 500$. Thanks.

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    Try ramseeker.
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    Thanks alot guys, 1 more question though. If i install this ram, bymyself or in a shop, will the gaurantee of my PB be cancelled cos its not official Apple ram? I know this sounds silly but im just cheking :confused:

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    Hello -- I was recently giving a presentation and had a couple webapps and databases running on my machine -- needless to say it got slow -- so I want to get a stick of 1GB.

    I found this on mushkin:

    1GB 333MHz/PC2700 SODIMM

    I have heard good things about mushkin -- do any of you know if it would work?

    Thanks in advance,


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    What kind of Mac do you have how? Just curious...

    Anyhoo, here's a review of some Muskin RAM: . It got 9/10 by that reviewer. Seems pretty good, if it's at a reasonable price by all means get some!

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