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    Trackpad click and two finger gestures stopped working
    I upgraded my laptop to leopard a couple of weeks ago. Since then, or shortly thereafter (I'm not sure) the quick tap on the trackpad to click, and the two finger gestures for scrolling and secondary click stopped working. I checked the system preferences for keyboard and mouse. There are settings for trackpad gestures clicking, dragging and drag lock, the first two are selected. I think here should also be settings for two finger gestures but they're not here. Also I tried rebooting and upgrading the latest updates, but that didn't help. Any help is welcome.

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    That's weird, I have leopard and I do have all that: System preferences -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Trackpad (at the top). There you can check a box under "Trackpad Gestures" for "Use Two Fingers to Scroll", "Clicking", "Tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click" (there are other options too).


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    Indeed, there is an option :

    Use two fingers to scroll.

    Do you not have that?
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    I found the reason why it wasn't working, by coincidence I found out that SideTrack was installed. I cannot remember I did this myself, no idea where this came from. This screwed up things. After uninstalling everything works as before.

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