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    powerbook >> up all night
    hey guys, i've technically been using my powerbook as some kind of desktop replacement and keep it running throughout the night (without it closed)

    i was wondering is this okay to do?

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    yah there is nothing wrong with that...i do it myself as well..if you going to be leaving it on all the time and just turning the screen brightness off its probably best to remove the battery and just store it in a safe cool place no sence of keeping it in there if its going to be connected...will help the life of the battery. second of all its also good becuase the opperating system does its normal KRONS cycles at i think 3, 4, and 5am by default so your allow your pbook to cycle threw that aswell

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    Yeah, that's fine I guess. Just be sure to turn the screen off as it helps prolong the LCD life.

    PowerBooks pwn!

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