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    Rotate monitor display
    I've noticed that the picture on the LCD is rotated slightly clockwise (similar to if you take a monitor and use its rotate function). On the little 12" screen it isn't really noticable as it's only a few pixels, but I just plugged a 19" CRT in and found that it's also rotated clockwise - but on such a large screen, it's highly noticable.

    I presumed that it was a minor issue with the LCD screen itself, but going by how the CRT has the same problem (it's straight when plugged into the PC) I guess the actual display output is somehow rotated.

    Are there any tweak tools that provide a rotate function to put the display how it should be?

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    Call Apple. My 12" PB doesn't have that problem at all, I've plugged it into a 20" TV and there was nothing wrong. It's probably something with your PB in particular. Call Apple and j00 will be teh happy.

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    Just tried the CRT on PC again and it does look a bit rotated, so I guess it's not the Apple after all (although its display is rotated by about 1 pixel, I couldn't justify paying for AppleCare so they'd probably tell me to eff off)

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    Ahh, OK. So it's fine now?

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    Well, it's not the PB anyway (LCD is still rotated by like 0.1 but I can handle that) Thanks for the suggestion

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