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    OSX 10.3 Boot disc Troubles
    I am having trouble getting my powerbook g4 to boot to the 10.3 install media. I was wondering if anyone else has the same trouble.

    When I insert the first disc and select install, it prompts me to restart the computer to continue the installation. It reboots, I get the gray screen and greyer apple. It sits there for a moment reving the cd drive and then something weird happens. The apple logo shifts over to the right and quits responding. I have to pull the battery and plug out to get it to restart. I have goofed up this current install (gigs and gigs of data are missing out of my hd and I can't find the files taking up the space) and would just like to start fresh.


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    Don't do anything with the CD in the OS just restart the computer
    With the disc in the computer
    Hold down the C key as soon as the computer starts to boot....this should boot you straight into the cd
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    Tried that. Same issue. It just locks up. But thanks for the help.

    Also I have tried taking the battery out and booting it only with the power cable and the same problem occurs. Could it be the media. This is a burnt backup copy of OSX. The CDs are perfect copies that is why I didn't think to mention it.

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    How did you copy the OS X CD?
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    Toast Titanium I think, I know its toast. I used the load image option and burnt it. 8x speed.

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