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    powerbook g5? ..or not?
    i recently stumbled across these two powerbook g5 images..


    so, what you guys think? :p

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    ...the second one doesn't really go along with apples goal to make everything simple...I think most of those hinges would break really quickly too.

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    took the words right out of my mouth. is apple really coming out with it?

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    The first pic is by far the most believable early pic I've seen, especially after wading through all of the rediculous imac G5 pics before its release.

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    Hell no, they wont be coming out with it. Those are created by Apple Zealots with too much time on their hands.

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    The first pic is just a Titanium PowerBook with a photoshopped grill on the front
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    Was going to say, they look about as fake as they can do A G5 style grille on the front of a Powerbook would be a real pain... it'd catch on stuff, attract dust etc. Something that Apple know much better than to do.

    Also if you look at this article:

    It's obvious that Apple are nowhere near the G5 design.

    Q: Will the work that went into the iMac help you for a G5 PowerBook?

    There's still a luxury we have in two inches that we don't have in a fraction of an inch, if you think about how much space there really is in the bottom of a PowerBook. We've not been willing to do a battleship-like product that some of the PC guys have done with their PC notebooks that use desktop processors. Certainly we were trying to learn from the iMac, but not like, "Oh, there's this breakthrough now, expect it next month.

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    No, there will be no PowerBook G5 anytime soon. Apple has said so over and over and over again.
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    Well, the first one's a TiBook, pretty unlikely Apple would bring back that design. The second one though... That's... Different. I personally think it wouldn't work too well because it has waaay too many moving parts. The keyboard and ****, you know. One of the great things about Apple is that it doesn't suffer from the 'creaky syndrome' that so many Dell laptops suffer from, where when you move it it creaks like an old man or something...

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