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Thread: Mac OS 7.5

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    Mac OS 7.5
    Thank you for reading. I have a powerbook duo 280c with OS 7.5 and I am trying to get some programs on it like JPEGView and StuffIt, but whenever I try to bring it over on a floppy it just has an icon with a PC logo and it cant open it. They are usually .hqx files. The very first time I tried to open one I accidently told it to open it with Scriptwriter (im not sure if that is the correct name) and now it tries to open all those PC icons with it. How do I get these prgrams to install or open? Thank you very much.

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    It been a while for me, but I think you can run the stuffit/expander application. Once you have the application running choose the file you want to open. Also I think you can drag and drop the file to be open on the stuffit/expander application.

    Hopefully this is of some help.
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