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    Question need RAM for my new 12" G4 powerbook... help please..
    I just got a new G4 12" powerbook. I am very excited. i needed a laptop and thought that learning how to use a MAC would be beneficial and everyone I know who has a powerbook, loves it.

    I need to know where I can get RAM. Both best in quality and price.

    Would definitely appreciate your input.


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    quality: lots of people buy their ram from

    price: go here for a deal on 1GB of ram for $149.99

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    I've been reading around and I see that a lot of people like for memory.

    I checked it out and they have a good deal on a 512MB card right now:
    512MB DDR PC2700, 184-pin DIMM
    deatails are:
    DDR PC2700 CL=2.5 Unbuffered Non-parity DDR333 2.5V 64Meg x 64

    Can you guys tell me if it is quality for the powerbook?


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    wrong ram. you need 200pin so-dimm

    use crucial's memory advisor if you need help:

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    As tariq mentioned, Crucial seems to be popular. I bought the memory for my iBook at MacSolutions and I was very satisfied with the product, price, and service. I just checked, and it looks like they have some nice deals on both 512 MB and 1 GB chips for your machine. The chips are also tested and guaranteed to work with your computer, and have a lifetime warranty.

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    I just got Apple RAM because it's covered in the Apple protection plan... I didn't know anybody else sold RAM for the PowerBook. When I upgrade from 512MB to 1.25GB in a few years, I'll look at Crucial RAM. I would buy RAM from Apple though because it's covered by the Apple protection plan. Only problem is it's expensive as hell

    Kingston also has some good deals, plus lifetime warranty.

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    39 shows the 1GB RAM for $160.

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    Apple's RAM is a huge ripoff, and besides, they don't even make their own RAM. All the RAM chips that shipped with my Macs have always been from Samsung! And don't worry about voiding the warranty by installing 3rd party RAM yourself. Only a true imbecile would botch a task as simple as snapping a chip into a slot.

    I'd highly recommend Crucial, as others have pointed out as well. Their RAM works in perfect synthesis with Macs, have never given me any problems or unexpected glitches, and in the rare blue-moon case they do, Crucial offers unparalleled customer support and a lifetime warranty to boot. Remember, you get what you pay a point. Going for the lowest bidder isn't always the wisest of moves. But then, neither is paying top dollar, like you will for Apple...err...I mean Samsung.

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