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    iBook clamshell Hard Drive questions
    Hello. I am new to the mac scene, but eager to learn. I got an older clamshell iBook (300) for free (needed some technical LCD work, but I fixed it). It had the original 3 GB HD with os 9 in it. I had an IBM Travelstar DARA-212000 that was PC formatted, and I read that it should work with this laptop. If it does (if anyone knows) what do I do to set it up for the ibook. I installed it, and now I get the expected folder/? icon. When I went to install OS X, there was no drive listed to install to. Just wondering if i have to set it up for the ibook or something. thanks all.

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    nevermind all! Like I said, I am new to macs. I just had to partition the HD using the OS X disk. Works like a charm!

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