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    Question memory upgrade: please help asap
    I brought a memory stick that says it's for a 1.5ghz system but I have a 1 ghz system. Will it still work/will i have problems?

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    which stick did you buy and what laptop do you have? memory is usually not dependent on the cpu speed, unless that information was used as a guide to purchase the ram (similar to how crucial recommends ram by selecting which model/cpu you have)

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    I brought it from crucial, a 512 stick that is PC2700 and it says it is for 1.25 ghz. The 1 ghz model they are selling has the same specs (PC2700) but when I installed it it did not show up in the "about this mac" menu. I'm not sure if this is because it may not be the same or if I didn't install it right. Here is a photo:

    The one on the right is what I tried to install. As you can see it can't go in as far as the memory that came with my powerbook (to the left). Could it be because I didn't push it in properly?

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    It doesn't look to me like it is seated properly. You might want to try removing it a reinstalling it.

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