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Thread: Mac noob rant alert.....56 steps to replace a HDD in a ibook ??

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    Mac noob rant alert.....56 steps to replace a HDD in a ibook ??
    Seriously what is that about,can they make it any harder ...

    I have never spent more than 10 min replacing a non mac laptop in my life.

    I have my first mac coming a G4 / 1.33 ibook and wanted to upgrade the 80GB until I saw what it takes to do so......

    Is apple that greedy that they design in this manner where most consumers cannot do a simple upgrade ?

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    yes, i'm sure apple designed it that way because they are greedy.

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    They do it just to annoy customers. Honestly dude, how does the design of an iBook make them greedy?
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    Changing the Hard Drive in the iBook is sort of a complex process. It took me maybe 1/2 hour but I was being very careful and took my time.

    The MacBooks are the easiest of the Mac Laptops to replace the Hard Drive. Just remove the battery and one metal plate.

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    Designs change, technology improves. Apple has nearly always made replacing and adding things like ram and hard drives very easy. The iBooks were an exception, but a hard drive on a MacBook can be replaced in less than five minutes.

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    The iBook case was specifically designed to minimize shock to the HD. Thus all the shields and such..

    Newer Macs have sudden motion sensors, and the HDs are not bundled in so tightly.

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    where is this 56 step process you talk about?? i am sure it is just way too detailed in order to protect themselves from customers messing it up and them having to pay for it. it shouldnt be that hard.
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    It's not all that bad to do it. I've done like millions of HD changes in them so I'm probably just used to it. You gotta be careful of the power cable though, very flimsy

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    just changed mine, and it sucked, but it is definitely doable. the toughest part for me was separating the plastic on the bottom without breaking anything, but if you look at a diagram and know where the clips are it's a bit easier. also i should note that this is my first mac, just got it a couple weeks ago, and have never taken one apart before this one.

    if you think the iBook is tough, you should take apart an eMac. I did that shortly after the iBook and it was AWFUL.

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    Oh god, i hate taking apart eMacs, its terrible! Getting that little power cable back in is the worst. and those screws around the case are like butter screws. The newer eMacs are a little better but still a pain.

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    Yes, the iBook's a real pain - all those shields and different-sized screws...

    There's a good guide to replacing iBook parts at with plenty of info and good clear photos. Plus their downloadable pdfs have a screw guide which tells you what goes where. Very useful if you've got some screws left over.

    Just take it slowly and keep track of the screws - ice-cube trays work well, or tape 'em to a sheet of paper and draw yourself a 'map'.

    Good luck!
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