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    powerbook upgrades
    When I bought my 12" powerbook G4 I was told the only thing I can upgrade is the ram. Is this true? I highly doubt it. On my old PC notebooks I found you can dive right in and tweek everything. If this is the same case, where is the best place to buy upgrade parts?

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    Nope its all soldered except the ram
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    you can also upgrade the hard drive, which will void the warranty if not installed by an apple service tech.

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    Thanks. That's good to know. When I bought this machine I couldn't afford the HD upgrade as I needed extra ram to run AutoCAD and virtual PC (yeah, I know it's horrible but it's better than sitting in front of a Dell all day). Maybe some day I can swap out the HD.

    Is there anyone who offers a faster HD that would work in my powerbook?

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    Instead of swapping out the harddrive you might want to try getting an external one. I asked a computer tech guy and he said that you can get solid performance out of a good external harddrive given you connect it through firewire, since firewire gives and steady 400 MB per second and USB wavers. Just an opinion :p.

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    oh yea external firewire harddrives can get up to 7200 RPM or higher I believe.

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    I have a LaCie 80gb where I store most my stuff. The computer hd only includes my system and apps. It works just fine and dandy + you can just link up another one through firewire if you like, and *poof* even more storage space.

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    You can also go to and get a superdrive (will probably void your warranty like the HD upgrade).

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