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    Newbie Ibook And Apple Care?
    Hi GUYS. I finally made the switch and learning how to use MAC. I brought my Ibook with the apple care at an Apple Store. I want to know do I need to register my apple care or it is automatically register at the Apple Store. Also the apple care came with the CD and wat is the CD for. And lastly do I need OS 9 or I could remove it to free more space in my hard drive. Thank Guys.

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    don't know about AC, you need os9 to run some older programs that aren't compatible with osx.

    Good examples would be really old games (simcity 2000, monkey island 2...) or older apps.

    I think the apple care is registered, but if not check out to see what it says there.

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    You don't have to activate apple care, and go ahead and delete os9, now adays starting up os9 is just an inconvinience, and most apps have osX counterparts.

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