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    A problem occured when turning on my Macbook Pro
    Whenever I turn on my MacBook Pro after I hit the power button the computer wont ever get past the start-up screen (grey screen with the Apple logo and the little circular blinking lights icon). I've been waiting and watching the little blinking circle lights icon go and go and go and go and the computer wont proceed to take me to the desktop.

    Ive already turned the computer on and off; that won't work either.

    Is there any way I can fix this without taking it to the Apple Store?

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    Try zapping the PRAM. You can do this by holding down CTRL+(APPLE)+P+R before the system chime sounds. Hold down the keys until you hear the chime a second time.

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    Zapping the PRAM? Is that something bad? Please post seriously I dont want to be doing whatever you told me only for it to do something bad to my computer.

    Ha ha ha The joke's on me now please post seriously?

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    Just tried it and it wont do anything

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    Are you still within warranty?

    If I were you I'd just take it straight back to Apple, it's obviously faulty.

    I will definately consider Apple care for my macbook pro when my warranty runs out.

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