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    Considering a Mac... hopefully
    Macbook vs Powerbook?
    I know they're totally different types of notebooks from different generations that have different purposes, but is a middle end Macbook more powerful than a Powerbook G4? I'm guessing Powerbook has a better GPU, but a weaker processor. What do you guys think?
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    They cannot be compared since they are totally different on the internal end of things. The processor is not weaker, it just handles data differently. If you have more non-Universal apps, then the PowerBook is the way to go. If you have more recent software, then go for the MacBook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y View Post
    The processor is not weaker, it just handles data differently.
    I think to be fair, objectively speaking, no G4 can match a Core 2 Duo in any task whatsoever, if they both get to run native apps. So I would say, quite strongly, that the G4 is a significantly weaker processor than a Core 2 Duo. It is 3 - 4 generations behind in technology, it would be unfair to expect the G4 to compete.

    This, and the far slower FSB speed, means that the MacBook offers a lot more processing grunt on the CPU/Cache/Memory side.

    Depending on the model of PowerBook, the GPU may or may not be matched in Core Animation and QuartzGL. The GMA3100/950 is more than capable for these things, but less so perhaps for OpenGL games.
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    unless u need a g4 and there is not real argument for getting one unless its cheap and your only going to run stuff it can handle on it then go for it.

    if you got a bit of cash or plan to run some new apps and updates like cs3 and stuff i say go macbook its faster and will last longer and should run everything your g4 runs.

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