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    ram cover
    ok guys i know this is a silly question, but i have a 15" powerbook g4 and i cannot get the cover off the ram slots....i am so scared that i am going to strip the screws, the cover is next to the battery as im sure you all know.....does anyone have any ideas in how to loosen them or anything?


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    I think has a toolkit for pb's. I just used a screwdriver in an eyeglass repair kit I have.

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    Just goto a hardware store and buy a size #0 Phillips screwdriver. You can also get a set of small screwdrivers in different sizes. I'm amazed people don't have small screwdrivers lying around, they come in handy for me all the time!

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    Just make sure it's a size 0 philips (NO OTHERS WHATSOEVER) and you should be fine. It's when people try to use like a size 4 pozidrive or something that they end up wrecking their screws.

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    I think the size is actually #00 (there is a difference).

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    LOL oops yes size 00... my mistake :p

    (Size 0 is big)

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