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    12" pBook screen
    I'm looking to get a pBook, and the 15" is just too expensive, so I'm looking at the 12". But, I've heard that the 12" pBook screen sucks from alot of reviews (b/c it is the same as the iBook screen). However, all of those reviews are for the Rev. A 12" pBook. I haven't seen any reviews for Rev. C pBooks, but lately I've heard that the screens are almost as good as the 17" now. Is this true? Did Apple upgrade the screens in the Rev. C 12" pBook, or are ppl just seeing things. Tkanks.

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    I think the best thing to do is go see the powerbook in person. That should help you in your decision process.
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    The 12 inch does not have the same screen as the iBook, it is the same Active Matrix screen as the other PB's

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    12" powerbook screen
    I upgraded from a G3 ibook to the 12" G4 powerbook. I was quite hesitant to go with such a small screen. Worrying was a waste of time. I love the small screen. I see the 15" models and they just take up the world. Plus the screens are more fragile.

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    my 12" pb has a great screen

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    From what I can see the screens are identical between iBook and Powerbook. They are both active matrix TFT. It's hard to find a laptop that doesn't have TFT these days.

    The quality of screen is very good. The deciding factor would be whether you can live with 1024x768 resolution or not.

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    I have a 12" PB and I was worried about screen size as well, but it really hasn't bothered me at all and its very sharp, I am satisfied with it!

    But if you'd like you can check them out at a comp usa or Apple store.

    Good Luck with your choice.

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    If it will be your main mac, you can get a docking station and using a nice big monitor when your at home.
    here are some options

    they are a bit expensive, but you can get a monitor free.

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    the screen works great for me...if you're going 12", you'll have to deal with a smaller size. But it looks great. the iBooks have a decent screen too...the main thing is the style and power difference.

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    I just bought a PowerBook G4 and it has not arrived yet from Tawain. I was wondering if it is going to have Mac OS X Panther or if it will have Mac OS X Jaguar? I ordered it on Saturday August 28th 2004...and I customized so is Panther standard or no, just in G5's?

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    Yes, I am 90 % sure all new Apple machines come with Panther as standard.

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